Image Source: Jerome Jacinto

The Radana are a Wildkin race resembling a bipedal humanoid possessing rodent-like attributes.

Radana Society

Unlike the majority of the other Wildkins races, Radana society is not based in the northern reaches of the Wildlands, but rather they have carved out a niche for themselves in the unclaimed corners of urban areas. Sewers, catacombs, alleyways, cellars, and other locations are all areas where one could expect to find one or more Radana. Perhaps many more.

As a result the Radana generally have a reputation as being bottom-feeders and scavengers to the other, longer-lived races.

Radana Religion

As they were created by the Flesh Benders, the Radana have no creation myths of their own, and lack a pantheon of gods to represent their species.

Playing as a Radana

Radana generally have a low ST. If you wish to play as a Radana, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM-2 None 0 0 B19
Acute Taste/Smell 1 None 2/level 2 B35
Claws Blunt 3 3 B42
Clinging None 20 20 B43
Discriminatory Smell None 15 15 B49
Disturbing Voice None -10 -10 B132
Flexibility Double-Jointed 15 15 B56
Fur None 1 1 B101
Night Vision 3 None 1/level 3 B71
Peripheral Vision None 15 15 B74
Reduced Consumption 2 Cast-Iron Stomach: -50% 2/level 2 B80
Sharp Teeth None 1 1 B91
Short Lifespan 3 None -10/level -30 B154
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155
Speak With Animals Specialized (Rodents): -60% 25 10 B87
Stress Atavism Mild; frequency of 12 or less: x1 -10 -10 B156
Super Climbing 1 None 3/level 3 B89
Temperature Tolerance 1 Cold 1/level 1 B93
Vibration Sense Air 10 10 B96

Total: 41 points


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