Mage Guild

Founded five thousand years ago, the Mage Guild is the principal organization for the education, research and practice of magic in Faran. If a city has a population of over 2000 it is almost certain that you will also find the presence of the Mage Guild in some form or another. Numerous services and goods are offered by representatives of the Mage Guild, although they profess an overall philosophy of non-interventionism concerning a nation’s politics. Despite their neutral stance on international relations the Mage Guild wields considerable influence due to their titanic impact on the worldwide economy and devastating sorcerous prowess they could levy to enforce their position.

Rank Title Rank Level Magery Requirement CP Requirement
Apprentice Mage 0 1+ 15
Journeyman Mage 1 1+ 30
Master Mage 2 2+ 60
Grandmaster Mage 3 3+ 105
Archmage 4 4+ 225

Alternatives to the Mage Guild

Members of the Mage Guild are generally regarded as the best of their class, and being trained by the Mage Guild is generally regarded as having received the highest standard of education, and people will react positively to that. There are, however, some exceptions to this rule of thumb.

Flesh Benders are regarded as being the best in the world at both Animal and Body Control spells. The secrets of their mastery is carefully guarded. Few individuals meet the high standard required to train on the Isle of Kembire with the mysterious and reclusive Flesh Benders.

Necromancy is a college of magic which is forbidden at the Mage Guild, and indeed is taboo in almost every society on Faran. It is hardly a secret though that one wishing to learn Necromancy must travel to the Necropolis, where the dark arts are practiced openly and without fear of reprisal from the Mage Guild.

The Healer’s Collegiate is actually a branch of the Mage Guild which deals explicitly with the Healing college of magic. Unlike the more generalist students of the Mage Guild, members of the Healer’s Collegiate may forgo the requirements of study that the other mages must fulfill and focus exclusively on Healing magic, and as a result are regarded worldwide as the best choice for seeking medical attention.

While there are no other institutions of comparable magic users in Faran, the Mage Guild possessing almost a complete monopoly, various cults, tribes or individuals have managed to achieve success in limited fields where even the Mage Guild has failed.

Playing as a member of the Mage Guild

Apprentice members of the Mage Guild have a mandatory selection of courses they must take and pass before they are allowed to pursue their own interests.

If you wish to play as a member of the Mage Guild of Journeyman Mage rank or higher you must build your character with the following traits:


  • Magery 1 (or higher) [15 points]
  • Social Regard 1 (Respected) [5 points]
  • Signature Gear (Mage Guild Medallion) [0 points]

Skills (spells)

  • Apportation [1 point].
  • Counterspell [1 point].
  • Detect Magic [1 point].
  • Identify Spell [1 point].
  • Ignite Fire [1 point].
  • Light [1 point].Mage
  • Scroll [1 point].
  • Sense Foes [1 point].
  • Shapeshifting [1 point].
  • Simple Illusion [1 point].
  • Sound [1 point].
  • Touch [1 point].

Skills (non-spells)

  • Research/TL3 [1 point].
  • Thaumatology [1 point].

Total: 34 points

Mage Guild

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