Healer's Collegiate

A self-governing branch of the Mage Guild which deals explicitly with the Healing college of magic. Members of the Healer’s Collegiate may forgo the requirements of study that other students of the Mage Guild must fulfill and focus exclusively on Healing magic. The Healer’s Collegiate is regarded worldwide as the best choice for seeking medical attention, and they seek to have a presence in every city.

The Healer’s Collegiate is an altruistic organization and operates entirely on grants and donations. Unlike the Mage Guild, the Collegiate collaborates with clerics who have been granted spells of Healing from their God, as well as non-magical physicians, midwives and healers.

It is said that the Healer’s Collegiate gladly instructs any individual who wishes to learn Healing magic, providing they complete an medical internship for the Collegiate.

Playing as a healer
If you wish to play as a magic-wielding Mage Guild sanctioned Healer you must build your character incorporating the following traits:



  • Magery 1 (or higher) [15 points]
  • Social Regard 1 (Respected) [5 points]

Skills (spells)

  • Awaken [1 point].
  • Body Reading [1 point].
  • Lend Energy [1 point].
  • Lend Vitality [1 point].
  • Minor Healing [2 points].
  • Recover Energy [1 point].
  • Relieve Sickness [1 point].
  • Sense Life [1 point].
  • Share Vitality [1 point].
  • Stop Bleeding [1 point].

Skills (non-spells)

  • Diagnosis/TL3 [2 points].
  • First Aid/TL3 [1 point].
  • Pharmacy/TL3 [1 point].
  • Physiology/TL3 (Humanoid) [1 point].

Total: 36 points

Healer's Collegiate

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