Draconians are a bipedal species with features resembling that of a dragon. They are covered in scales, possess a thick tail and generally range in height from five feet to seven feet. They possess sharp claws and prehensile thumbs. The draconian race was created approximately 68,000 years ago to act as the foot soldiers of the dragons in the Revolt of Man.


Draconian Society

Draconians are generally tribal in nature, living in the wilds of Faran, away from the civilized world which tends to distrust them. Some draconians have managed to integrate themselves into multispecial societies, but as a rule they avoid large populations.

Draconian Religion

Relatively few draconians revere the gods, thinking them to be pale imitations of their long-absent dragon masters of legend.

Playing as a Draconian

If you wish to play as a draconian, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
Acute Smell 2 None 2/level 4 B35
Damage Resistance 2 None 5/level 10 B46
Flight Gliding: -50%; Winged: -25% 40 10 B56
Dragon’s Breath Jet: +0%; Costs 4 FP per use: -20% 5 4 B61
Nictitating Membrane 1 None 1/level 1 B71
Night Vision 5 None 1/level 5 B71
Peripheral Vision None 15 15 B74
Claws Sharp 5 5 B42
Teeth Sharp 1 1 B91
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155
Striker, Tail Cannot Parry: -40%; Clumsy: -20% 5 2 B88
Skill Name Skill Difficulty Points Page Reference
Innate Attack Easy 1 B201

Total: 48 points

Origin of the word

The word ‘Draconian’ has been shamelessly stolen from the Dragonlance series. Its closest equivalent in Dungeons & Dragons would be a Dragonborn.


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