The Last Empire of Man

In the year 1038 B.E., an individual who would later be referred to most frequently as simply the Emperor, finished his conquest of the various lands of Faran, uniting them under his rule. Only the elven nation of Immori and the dwarven nation of Kratys were exempt from his subjugation, although even their borders receded inwards during his rule.

The Emperor is a figure shrouded in mystery. Spells attempting to divine information during the period of his reign generally fail outright, suggesting powerful arcane countermeasures are in place. Historical accounts afford few physical descriptions of the Emperor, and the only consensus seems to be that he was a human male. This detail seems to be in conflict with the fact that he reigned from 1038 B.E. to 1 A.E., a little over a millenia, and well over the lifespan of a human. Various theories abound to explain these discrepancies and gaps in historical knowledge.

In the ten thousand years since the Emperor’s death, no new empire of humankind has arisen to unite the land of Faran, hence the designation it has received as the “last” empire of man. That being said, the empires of Immori and Kratys are still present in the modern age.

It should be noted that while the Emperor was presumed to be a human, and humans comprised the largest component of his empire’s population, almost all the races of Faran were represented among his subjects.

The Last Empire of Man

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