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Sylva is a nature goddess of the forest, and a patron goddess of the elves. Her brother is Civis, whose area of influence focuses on culture and the arts. The overwhelming majority of Sylva’s worshipers are elves who live within the borders of the elven nation of Immori.

Places of Worship for Sylva

Alnaz: Found within The Kennels district, a holy site for the followers of Sylva is a large hollow oak tree that can be found on land owned in equal parts by Colewyn Flint, Kieran Moore, Shear and Valmeer Ironhorn.

Rank Title
4 Rootshaper
3 Forestdancer
2 Treesinger
1 Seedkeeper
0 Leafchild

Playing as a follower of Sylva

If you wish to play as a follower of Sylva, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

  • Clerical Investment (grants the honorific title of ‘Leafchild’) [5 points]
  • Religious Rank 0 (granted by ‘Clerical Investment’) [0 points]
  • Plant Empathy [5 points]
  • Power Investiture 1 [10 points]
  • Sense of Duty (Wilderness) [-15 points]
  • Vow (Vegetarianism) [-5 points]

Power Investiture Spells:

  • Seek Plant [1 point].
  • Identify Plant [1 point].
  • Heal Plant [1 point].
  • Bless Plants [1 point].


  • Herb Lore [1 point].
  • Naturalist [1 point].
  • Religious Ritual (Sylva) [1 point].
  • Survival (Woodlands) [1 point].
  • Theology (Sylva) [1 point].

Total: 9 points


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