A spell is a skill that produces a specific magical effect when used successfully. Each magic spell is a separate skill, which has no default – you can only cast spells you know. Add your Magery to IQ when you learn spells.

Casting spells

Spells can be learned one of three ways:

  1. Your character possesses all of the prerequisite spells and/or advantages.
  2. Your character has been granted the spell by their god. Your character has taken the advantage ‘Power Investiture’ instead of ‘Magery’.
  3. Your character possess a magic item that lets them cast it.

Illegal spells

The following spells are not allowed for this campaign:

  • Timeport/Timeport Other/Rapid Journey (If the caster is moving back in time)
  • Suspend Mana
  • Drain Mana
  • Restore Mana
  • Suspend Magery
  • Drain Magery


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