Much of this artefact remains a mystery, however certain elements of its nature has been revealed to the party since first learning of its existence.

Weight: 2
Size: 18 in
Appearance: Jagged black irregular blade
Power Source: Unknown
Age: ‘Aeons’
Last known location: With Marcus Adamo in Alnaz in 10,160 A.E.
Also known as: The Godslayer
Abilities: Can kill deities
Undetectable by deities

It has also been revealed that the deities themselves have vowed to never speak of the Soulshard to mortals. Jocund was only able to discuss this artefact with the party after they had completed a Celestial challenge that granted them the privilege of asking him any question of their choice. This ancient rite both preceded and superseded Jocund’s vows of silence and non-interference, and gave him a loophole which allowed him to discuss the matter with the party.


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