The practice of treating intelligent beings as property to be bought, sold and forced to work can be found in various lands across Faran. In all societies that recognize slavery, slaves are considered to have a Status of -4 and the disadvantage of Social Stigma (Subjugated) .

Chattel slavery is where individuals treated as the personal property of an owner and are bought and sold as if they were commodities.

Debt bondage occurs when a person pledges themselves against a loan. Debt bondage can be inherited, with offspring required to pay off the debt of an earlier generation.

Penal labour involves prisoners performing manual labour, as either a form of punishment or in order to make the penal system profitable. Penal labour institutions include labour camps, prison farms, and penal colonies.

Habeas Corpus

Some nations, while not actively engaged in a particular form of slavery, will enforce the rights of a foreign slave owner whilst they are traveling within their borders. This depends on the laws of the land, and explains why a slaver from Yarfel could travel with his slaves unhindered in Ludere, but a prisoner who escaped from Kardiam to Hestial would not be returned to Kardiam by the national authorities, due to the lack of a formal extradition treaty existing between the two nations.

Slavery by Countries

Nation Type(s) of Slavery Habeas Corpus
Baroi Chattel, Penal Labour Yes
Bhel Chattel Yes
Centaur Plains None No
Crownless Lands Variable Variable
Draconian Territory Chattel No
Hestial None No
Immori None No
Kardiam Penal Labour No
Kembire None No
Kratys Debt Bondage No
Ludere Penal Labour, Debt Bondage Yes
Lysus Chattel Yes
Naga Marshes Chattel Yes
Ogre Lands Chattel Yes
Vener None No
Wildlands Variable Variable
Yarfel Chattel, Penal Labour Yes

Slave Costs

While prices can vary dramatically from individual to individual, a slave generally costs what they might earn as a freeman over a period of five years. Thus a completely average labourer would cost:

(Monthly Pay - Cost of Living ) x 60 Months x Monthly Pay Multiplier = Cost of Slave
($700-$600/month) x 60 months x 1 = $6000

As you might expect, a child slave would cost less:

(Monthly Pay - Cost of Living ) x 60 Months x Monthly Pay Multiplier = Cost of Slave
($350-$300/month) x 60 months x 0.5 = $3000

And a trained and experienced slave may cost more:

(Monthly Pay - Cost of Living ) x 60 Months x Monthly Pay Multiplier = Cost of Slave
($700-$600/month) x 60 months x 2 = $12000

Other factor influencing the cost of a slave may include Appearance , Race and Literacy and Languages .


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