Ogres are a race of massive humanoid brutes with tough leathery skin, a hideous appearance and a fearsome demeanor. While no race of Faran is inherently evil, there are few representatives of this species who manage to dissuade people that ogres might just be the exception to the rule.


Ogre Society

Ogres generally form a tribal community, rarely gathering in larger groups. ‘Might makes right’ is the way of life for ogre clans. Many ogres prefer a life of solitude and will stake out a cave or ruin, only choosing to seek out their own kind to mate.

Ogre Religion

Clichéd, but frequently true, when Ogres can be bothered to acknowledge the gods, they are known for worshiping dark and bloody deities, those who will grant them power over their enemies and give them an opportunity to slake their bloodlust.

Playing as an ogre

Players are NOT allowed to build a character as an ogre.

Ogres generally have very high ST stats and below average DX and IQ stats.

If you wish to play as a ogre, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM+1 None 0 0 B19
Acute Smell 3 None 2/level 6 B35
Bad Sight Nearsighted -25 -25 B123
Bad Smell None -10 -10 B124
Bad Temper 12- frequency -10 -10 B124
Damage Resistance 2 Tough Skin: -40% 5/level 6 B46
Disturbing Voice None -10 -10 B132
Extra Sleep 2 None -2/level -4 B136
Gluttony 12- frequency -5 -5 B137
Ham-Fisted Severe -10 -10 B138
Appearance Hideous -16 -16 B21
Immunity to Disease None 10 10 B80
Penetrating Voice None 1 1 B101
Reduced Consumption 2 Cast-Iron Stomach: -50% 2/level 2 B80
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155
Temperature Tolerance (Cold) 3 None 1/level 3 B93

Total: -72 points


Brotherhood Greybrown