Minotaurs are a species with a bovine head and a humanoid torso, covered in a thin layer of fur.

Image Credit: Gerald Brom

Male Minotaurs frequently find themselves at odds with others of their own species and gender, while female minotaurs find they require the company of others like themselves. When males come into contact with one another the result is frequently conflict, bloodshed and even death, and as such females outnumber the males considerably. As a result of this innate temperament, minotaurs possess a unique societal approach. Minotaur clans are usually ruled over by a single male minotaur (a bull). They look after the well-fare of the females (heifers) and young minotaurs (calves) in their settlement, as well as that of the steers, males of a certain age who have voluntarily (citation needed) agreed to be castrated so that they can live alongside the bulls without inciting the territorial rage that normally occurs when two male minotaur meet. This way of life does not sit well with all young bulls though, and many choose self-imposed exile and travel Faran to seek their own fortune in the world, at least until they feel confident enough to return and challenge a clan Chieftain to right to rule.

Minotaur Society

The minotaur homeland, the island nation of Bhel, is a despotic and dangerous land. The Chieftain of the land seizes control through their own military forces and personal fighting prowesses, and hold onto their seat of power until they are bested in combat. Few Chieftains of Bhel live to reach old age. While technically a unified nation, Bhel has difficulty enforcing the law the further a settlement is from the capital. Rogue minotaur galleys frequently raid the coastal settlements of Faran, leading to an overall negative impression of the nation of Bhel.

Minotaur Religion

The patron god of minotaurs, Visry, is a naval god of strength and retribution. Faithful minotaurs do not have any places of worship, but can be fastidious about paying tribute to their god to ensure his blessings and to deter his wrath.

Playing as a Minotaur

Minotaurs generally have high ST and HT stats

If you wish to play as a minotaur, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM+1 None 0 0 B19
Acute Hearing 1 None 2/level 2 B35
Colourblindness None -10 -10 B99
Damage Resistance 1 Tough Skin: -40% 5/level 3 B47
Damage Resistance 2 Partial (Skull Only): -40% 5/level 3 B47
Fur None 1 1 B101
High Pain Threshold None 10 10 B59
Peripheral Vision None 15 15 B74
Striker, Horns Breakable -10%; SM -4 -15%; Double Blunt Trauma +20%. 8 8 B88
Temperature Tolerance (Cold) 1 None 1/level 1 B93
Choose only one of the following traits:
Loner 12- frequency -5 -5 B142
Eunuch None -5 -5 Custom
Chummy 12- frequency -5 -5 B126

Total: 28 points


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