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Magic is rich within the world of Faran. 99.9999% of the population are capable of learning how to cast spells, which is to say, are eligible to learn ‘Magery 0’. Approximately 75% of the population have the potential for ‘Magery 1’, 5% for ‘Magery 2’, 0.5% for ‘Magery 3’, and only an elite few in the entire world are capable of ‘Magery 4’ or higher. This does NOT mean that three-quarters of the population are spell-casters, only that if they choose to fully apply themselves they could be capable of fulfilling that potential.

Magic Resistance

The only individuals in the world of Faran with ‘Magic Resistance’ are those 1 in a million individual who are incapable of learning Magery 0. An individual with ‘Magic Resistance’ is referred to as an obdurate.


Mana is the ambient energy that empowers magic. The mana level for all of Faran is considered to be ‘Normal Mana’ (B235) and does not vary with location. The advantages of ‘Mana Damper’ and ‘Mana Enhancer’ are not allowed for this campaign.

Learning Magic

Magic is not something that can be easily learned through a book or discovered through trial and error. Novices of magic will require an instructor to teach them spells. Individuals can enroll in the Mage Guild which lends a degree of credibility to their status as magic users. People can apprentice themselves to master wizards and be taught solely by them. More rural character could even learn what scraps they are able from local healers, hedge-wizards, and/or travelling mystics, although they may find that not only is their education lacking, but others will find their qualifications lacking.


  • You may NOT learn any spells from the Technological College, with the exception of the four metal spells which should be considered part of the Earth College.
  • You may NOT build your character with any spells from the Necromantic College, even if they also belong to another College. The only exception is for Final Rest, a Healing College spell. Players can still build characters who desire to one day learn Necromantic spells.


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