Logos is a patron god of gnomes, as well as a god of intellect, scholarly pursuits, and logic. Dedicated to the cause of expanding the bounds of knowledge, many intellectuals and rational-minded individuals pay homage to this god.

Playing as a follower of Logos

While the majority of Logos’ followers are gnomes, there is no racial requirement to worship Logos.

If you wish to play as a follower of Logos, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

  • Signature Gear (Medallion of Logos) [0 points]
  • Stubbornness [-5 points]
  • Curious [-5 points]
  • Logos’ Insight (Temporary IQ +2, for one minute: Pact (must have ‘Stubbornness’ and ‘Curious’ disadvantages) -10%; Cost Fatigue 6 -30%; Limited Use (Once per day) -40%) [8 points]
  • Power Investiture 1 [10 points]

Power Investiture Spells:

  • Measurement [1 point].
  • Memorize [1 point].
  • Recall [1 point].
  • Mental Stun [1 point].


  • Mathematics/TL3 (Pure) [1 point].
  • Mind Block [1 point].
  • Religious Ritual (Logos) [1 point].
  • Research/TL3 [1 point].
  • Theology (Logos) [1 point].

Total: 17 points


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