Kobolds are bipedal, reptilian species who live underground, standing at around three feet in height. They possess sharp claws, scales, a tail and a poisonous bite.


Kobold Society

Dwelling in subterranean caverns and following a tribal pattern of society, Kobolds have long been the scourge of dwarves, who share the underground world with them. Not content with the natural habitats of the wild, tribes of Kobold can be found in sewers in the cities of Faran, the ruins of long vanished civilizations, and anywhere else where they can find a damp, dark corner to call their own.

Kobold Religion

As a species Kobolds are notorious for worshiping any god that could grant them even the slightest advantage.

Playing as a Kobold

Kobolds generally have low ST stats.

If you wish to play as a kobold, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM-2 None 0 0 B19
Acute Smell 1 None 2/level 2 B35
Damage Resistance 1 None 5/level 5 B46
Poisonous Bite Cyclic +80%; Resistible -15%; Contact Agent -30%; Follow-Up +0%; Melee Attack -35%; 4 4 B62
Nictitating Membrane 1 None 1/level 1 B71
Night Vision 5 None 1/level 5 B71
Peripheral Vision None 15 15 B74
Reduced Consumption 2 Cast-Iron Stomach: -50% 2/level 2 B80
Claws Sharp 5 5 B42
Teeth Sharp 1 1 B91
Short Lifespan 2 None -20 -20 B154
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155
Striker, Tail Cannot Parry: -40%; Clumsy: -20%; Limited Arc: -40%; Weak -50% 5 1 B88

Total: 11 points


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