Residing on the Celestial Plane, the Gods of Faran are numerous and diverse. A theologian would be stymied if asked to create a comprehensive pantheon of gods. Several gods have overlapping spheres of influence, although most non-human races have a specific deity that acts as their patron racial god.

Incomplete List of Faran Gods:

Baroian Pantheon: The six gods of Baroi are Chorul, Iteru, Shiyat, Iusthep, Visha and Karabos.

Bitani: A patron goddess of the home.

Civis: A patron god of elves. God of culture, the arts, inner reflection. Twin god to Sylva.

Father of Bastards: A patron god of half-breeds and children born out of wedlock.

Gatrius: A patron god of the sun, truth and honour

Gemmlon: A patron god of dwarves. God of forging, mining, pride, trade.

Jocund: A trickster god. God of pranks, riddles, mirrors, deception.

Kerpani: A patron god of the harvest and farming.

Logos: A patron god of gnomes. God of intellect, scholarly pursuits, logic.

Pelagion: A patron god of seafaring and fishing.

Piofur: A patron god of thieves.

Qu’zek: A patron god of goblins.

Sylva: A patron goddess of elves. Goddess of the forest. Twin god to Civis.

Velyti: A patron god of merchants, wealth and transactions.

Visry: A patron god of minotaurs. God of the sea, vengeance, and strength.

The Widow: A patron goddess of grief and loss.


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