Goblins are a small, green-skinned, hairless, short-lived humanoid species.


Goblin Society

Goblins generally form a tribal community, rarely gathering in larger groups. ‘Might makes right’ is the way of life for goblin clans. Poorly defended settlements far from patrolled areas and travelers upon the road frequently have to deal with goblins taking advantage of their vulnerability.

Goblin Religion

Goblins are open to worshiping any god that could grant them even the slightest advantage, although there is a patron god of goblins known as Qu’zek.

Playing as a goblin

If you wish to play as a goblin, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM-1 None 0 0 B19
Acidic Blood Cyclic +500%; Aura +80%; Always On -20%; Blood Agent -40%; Melee Attack -30%; 1/level 6 Custom
Appearance Ugly -8 -8 B21
Claws Blunt 3 3 B42
Disturbing Voice None -10 -10 B132
Immunity to Disease None 10 10 B80
Reduced Consumption 2 Cast-Iron Stomach: -50% 2/level 2 B80
Short Lifespan 2 None -20 -20 B154
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155

Total: -27 points


Brotherhood Greybrown