Gnomes are one of the smallest of the races, generally standing at around 3 feet in height.


Gnomish Society

The gnomes of Faran do not generally organize themselves into race-specific groupings. Gnome colonies are unusual and gnome countries are unknown. While history has had more than a few famous gnomes, there have never been any notable gnomish nations or religions. Left to their own devices, gnomes tend to spread evenly throughout communities that allow them.

Gnomish Religion

The patron god of the gnomes is Logos, who also embodies the traits of intellect, riddles, and logic.

Playing as a gnome:

Gnomes generally have a high IQ and low ST stats.

If you wish to play as an gnome, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM-2 None 0 0 B19
Extended Lifespan 1 None 2/level 2 B53
High Manual Dexterity 1 None 5/level 5 B42

Total: 7 points


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