Image Source: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time 2009 Calendar

Gatrius is a god of the sun, truth and honour. Acting as a religious military organization, known colloquially as the Sons of Gatrius, the followers of Gatrius commit themselves to living a life of truth, honesty and honour. With their head of operations located in the Crownless Lands of the southeast, each nation has their own views towards the Sons of Gatrius, some welcoming their protective influence from banditry, and others forbidding them due to their perceived zealousness.

Places of Worship for Gatrius

Alnaz: Found within the Miracle Row district, the church for The Sons of Gatrius is located on the second floor of a cramped apartment, and is run by Truthseeker Osgood Hayward, a human.
Southern Crownless Lands: Located near the border to Baroi, the Citadel of Light is a structure made out of an abundance of glass, which allows sunlight to permeate every corner of its structure. It is flanked by the considerably larger and less fragile headquarters for The Sons of Gatrius, a sprawling and heavily fortified military base.

Rank Title
4 Lightbringer
3 Grand Inquisitor
2 Inquisitor
1 Truthseeker
0 Brother

Playing as a follower of Gatrius

If you wish to play as a follower of Gatrius, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

  • Clerical Investment (grants the honorific title of ‘Brother’) [5 points]
  • Religious Rank 0 (granted by ‘Clerical Investment’) [0 points]
  • Signature Gear (Medallion of Gatrius) [0 points]
  • Honesty [-10 points]
  • Truthfulness [-5 points]
  • Healing (Only in day -20%, Injuries Only -20%, Pact (must have ‘Honesty’ and ‘Truthfulness’ disadvantages) -15%) [14 points]
  • Power Investiture 1 (Day-Aspected -40%) [6 points]

Power Investiture Spells:

  • Sunbolt [1 point].
  • Loyalty [1 point].
  • Truthsayer [1 point].
  • Compel Truth [1 point].


  • Innate Attack (Beam) [1 point].
  • Detect Lies [1 point].
  • Religious Ritual (Gatrius) [1 point].
  • Theology (Gatrius) [1 point].

Total: 18 points


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