Flesh Benders

Three thousand years ago the Flesh Benders were a sect of the Mage Guild which decided to found their own institution on the Isle of Kembire. This pseudo-nation of the Flesh Benders soon became renown throughout the world for their mastery of Animal and Body Control spells, able to twist the bodies of their subjects into whatever form suited their fancy. Even within the upper echelons of the Mage Guild no one even begins to approach the skill that a Flesh Bender can achieve.

The Flesh War

The Flesh Benders played a central role in The Flesh War, which took place 1000 years ago. Claiming a neutral stance, the Flesh Benders provided (for great recompensation) the warring sides of the war with obedient foot soldiers, the Anthropomorphs, various species of beasts, reptiles and fowl which had been twisted into humanoid form. After much bloodshed a truce was finally declared, and both sides of the conflict were distraught to discover that their new military forces had only been contracted until the conflict had reached its conclusion. Anthropomorphs on both sides rebelled and fled to found their own lands. Opinion is divided on how much of this the Flesh Benders predicted and intended.

Players are NOT allowed to start with a character who is allied with the Flesh Benders.

Flesh Benders

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