Dwarves are a short and burly species, and are generally less than five feet tall.


Dwarven Society

It is generally accepted that there are two factions of dwarves, the mountain dwarves and the hill dwarves. The mountain dwarves are citizens of Kratys, the dwarven empire as it exists today, which was founded 25000 years ago, and they live in both dwellings hewn directly into the perilous peaks of the mountain tops and deep within the subterranean depths found beneath the earth of Faran. The hill dwarves live outside the borders of Kratys, and can live in dwarf-exclusive hill forts and villages, or within a city or town populated by other races.

Dwarven Religion

Gemmlon is the patron god of dwarves, and also patronizes the essence of forging, mining, pride and shrewd trade. While dwarves can be devout in their dedication to Gemmlon, they prefer to avoid the grandeur of larger religions and ceremonies and express their devotion through the construction of small, humble shrines and the utterances of simple prayers.

Playing as a dwarf

Dwarves generally have higher than average ST and HT stats.

If you wish to play as a dwarf, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
SM-1 None 0 0 B19
Alcohol Tolerance None 1 1 B100
Arm ST 1 None 5 5 B40
Extended Lifespan 2 None 2/level 4 B53
Hard to Kill 1 None 2/level 2 B58
Hard to Subdue 1 None 2/level 2 B58
Night Vision 5 None 1/level 5 B71
Resistant to Poison +8 to all HT rolls to resist: x0.5 15 8 B81

Total: 27 points


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