Demons are generally considered to be a dark and twisted counterpart to the Gods of Faran. Filled with malice, depravity and destruction these entities are less interested in the worship of mortals than they are sacrifices made in their name. Confined to the Demonic Plane, demons can sometimes breach the Material Plane, and such events are generally catastrophic to the mortals who are unfortunate enough to be present at such an event.

Known Demonic Entities

  • Asmoleth. the Demon Prince of Deceit
  • Baelkriez, the Demon Prince of Discord
    • Mahrqe, a minion of Baelkriez, known to be present in the Material Plane.
  • Chernovog, the Demon Prince of Depravity
  • Durroth, the Demon Prince of Decay
  • Etridos, the Demon Prince of Destruction
  • Fyrok, the Demon Prince of Delusion
  • Ghuriel, the Demon Prince of Despair
  • Hulphon, the Demon Prince of Disease

The Demon of Riverside Glen

One of the more recent and well-known demonic incursions into the material plane occurred in the Kardian village of Riverside Glen. The hero Sir Luthor Bastion managed to vanquish and banish the demon back to the Demonic Plane from whence it had originated.


The names associated with the Demon Princes and their respective aspects of their power seem to indicate that there may be meaning associated with their alliterative and alphabetic pattern, however the reason for this is rather mundane. Scholarly attempts to document the Demon Princes took some creative liberties. Chernovog could just as easily be known as the Demon Prince of Sin, or Asmoleth as the Demon Prince of Lies. And of course it bears mentioning that the names given to these entities are merely their common names, and not their True Names, which would grant the possessor of such knowledge power over them. This is true for all minor demonic entities as well, not merely the Demon Princes.


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