Image Source: Wiggers123

The Buuca are a Wildkin race resembling a bipedal humanoid possessing goat-like attributes.

Bucca Society

Bucca society is based primarily in the northern reaches of the Wildlands. Possessing few contacts with the southern realms, much of Bucca society remains a mystery to the civilized world.,

Bucca Religion

As they were created by the Flesh Benders, the Bucca have no creation myths of their own, and lack a pantheon of gods to represent their species.

Playing as a Bucca

If you wish to play as a Bucca, you must build your character incorporating the following traits:

Name Modifiers Base Cost Final Cost Page Reference
Gluttony None -5 -5 B137
Fur None 1 1 B101
Hooves None 3 3 B43
Perfect Balance None 15 15 B74
Peripheral Vision None 15 15 B74
Reduced Consumption 2 Cast-Iron Stomach: -50% 2/level 2 B80
Short Lifespan 2 None -10/level -20 B154
Social Stigma (Minority Group) -10 -10 B155
Speak With Animals Specialized (Goats): -60% 25 10 B87
Stress Atavism Mild; frequency of 12 or less: x1 -10 -10 B156
Temperature Tolerance 1 Cold 1/level 1 B93
Terrain Adaptation (Mountain) None 5 5 B93
Weak Bite None -2 -2 B161

Total: 5 points


Brotherhood Greybrown