Magical Artefacts
These artefacts are objects imbued with abilities, created through the lengthy process of enchanting, paid for by an immense expenditure of FP . The permanent transport gates built by the Mage Guild across the continent of Faran are examples of magical artefacts. The difference between a simple enchanted item and a magical artefact is subjective, but the items listed on this page are inarguably items of immense power and in most cases have managed to gain their own stories concerning their accomplishments and abilities.

Mystical Artefacts
These artefacts are objects created by and powered by Deities. Unlike magical artefacts which require a one time contribution of magic which is itself renewable, mystical artefacts contain a permanent fragment of the true essence of the Deity that created it. While the creation of a mystical artefact is one of the easiest ways for a Deity to physically interact with the Material Plane and empower one of their followers, they are limited in the number they can create due to the cost of creating one. Additionally, as these mystical artefacts contain a portion of the Deity’s true essence, this leaves the Deity vulnerable to exploitation through this object, which is why they are generally only entrusted to the truly devout. The vast majority of mystical artefacts are created by Gods, as Demons prefer to interact with the Material Plane by transferring a portion of their true essence into living being, as a form of possession. Demonic artefacts are not nonexistent however, merely rarer than artefacts of a Celestial origin.

An example of a mystical artefact would be the set of Jocund coins, which when brought together transport the user to Jocund’s realm in the Celestial Plane.

List of Artefacts:


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