Image Credit: Nico Lee Lazarus

Also known as Wildkin, these species were created 1000 years ago by the Flesh Benders to act as foot soldiers in the Flesh War, when these various separate races were twisted from their original species of beasts, reptiles and fowl into humanoid forms. Following their rebellion and emancipation as slaves to the other races the Wildkin have gone on to found their own lands and form their own nations and cultures.

Wildkin Society

Most Wildkin societies are tribal and nomadic, relatively primitive in comparison to the other races of Faran, and appropriately referred to as barbarians or even downright bestial in nature. Still, a few races have managed to found their own villages and cities and are starting their long crawl upwards to true civilization. Just because their origins are similar does not mean there is any sense of kinship between the differing races of Wildkin; many fought on different sides of the Flesh War.

Wildkin Races and Point Totals

1. Cat-men (the Koska): 60 points
2. Dog-men (the Sobaka): 30 points
3. Elephant-men (the Ibhah): 7 points
4. Elk-men (the Harina): -7 points
5. Frog-men (the Pryga): 37 points
6. Goat-men (the Bucca): 5 points
7. Raptor-men (the Tomai): 49 points
8. Rat-men (the Radana): 41 points
9. Rhino-men (the Nasu): -46 points


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