Country Kardiam
Founded 4741 A.E.
Ruler King Gideon Magnus
Total Area 87 km2
Land Area 59.1 km2
Water Area 28 km2
Average Elevation 10 m
Population ~200,000
Population Density 3384/km2
Demonym Alnazian
City Guard 1400
Military Strength 1600
Permanent Gates 45

Mage Guild Presence
Religious Institutions
Military Presence
Notable People

The largest known city in both Kardiam and Faran, Alnaz is the capital of Kardiam, and the seat of power for the Mage Guild.

Alnaz was founded in 4,741 A.E. and has managed to avoid the ravages of the passing millenia due in large part to the efforts of the Mage Guild which was founded in 5,125 A.E. and claimed Alnaz as the site for their headquarters.


Alnaz is located on an island, at the mouth of the Vena River on the northern coast of Orst Bay. With the coastline of the mainland to the east and the west surrounded by prominences of land, the island city of Alnaz possesses a natural harbour protecting anchored ships from the effects of weather. Alnaz lies within the borders of the Ursalt province.

The district of Alnaz covers is 87 km2, with the island representing an area of 59.1 km2.


Alnaz possesses a humid subtropical climate, with summer and winter being the only two distinguishable seasons. The waters of Orst Bay provide a cooling effect on the air of Alnaz during the summer, while the temperature fluctuates around the freezing point during the winter months.


While predominantly human like most of Kardiam, Alnaz holds the distinction of being the most multicultural society on Faran.

Humans: 51.4%
Hill Dwarves: 17.1%
Gnomes: 7.9%
Draconians: 5.8%
Radana: 4.3%
Kobolds: 3.7%
Minotaurs: 2.7%
Sobaka: 1.8%
Koska: 1.6%
Elves: 1.5%
Goblins: 1.1%
Bucca: 1.0%
Other: 0.1%


Alnaz is the economic center of Faran.


Alnaz is governed by King Gideon Magnas, Warden of Alnaz. He is the titular head of the City Watch, the municipal force that polices the streets of the city and enforces its laws, although in practical terms most of the responsibilities of the Watch are delegated to the Chief Constable. The streets are patrolled in shifts by almost 1400 Patrol Officers at all times of the day and night.

Mage Guild Presence

Located in the heart of the city, the Mage Guild offers many benefits to the city of Alnaz. Some of the structures found in this district include:

Gates: Forty-five enchanted, permanent magic portals can be found within the Mage Guild Compound. For a fee, travelers and merchants can make use of this amenity to be instantly and safely transported to portals in other cities throughout the rest of Kardiam and Faran. Detection spells and enchantments are numerous, and it is said that smuggling items through the gates is nigh on impossible.

Tower: The residence for the members of the Mage Guild, this communal housing structure includes a common eating area, baths, and an extensive garden and is one of the tallest structure in Alnaz. It is not accessible to members of the public.

Shops: Run by members of the Mage Guild, products sold by these establishments have the reputation of being synonymous with quality. Even if one is unable to find the ingredient, potion, or scroll they are looking for on the shelves, the shopkeepers will be only too happy to order the product from a shop in another city, or put in a custom order for that enchanted item you’ve been dreaming of.

Contract Office: Mages can be hired by the hour, day or week at the contract office. The cost of hiring them can be found on the Pay Rate Table, and they fall into either the professional or expert classification. Mage Guild contract workers cannot be hired for jobs that involve combat or that appear to be high risk.

The Great Library of Alnaz: Thought by some to be the largest collection of knowledge in all of Faran (although the Library of Logos might contest that) the Great Library contains volumes spanning every topic and history, codices and tomes dating back tens of millenia, and grimoires on magic both familiar and forbidden. The Great Library is not closed to members of the public, however access is restricted unless permission has been granted by a mage of Rank Grandmaster or higher.

Information and Consultation: For a price, interested parties can pay a fee to have a researcher investigate a query or queries of their choice, using the resources of the Mage Guild’s library to accomplish their goals. The cost for hiring these researchers is the Hireling: Professional Column on the Pay Rate Table.

Alnaz Hospital: The headquarters for the Healer’s Collegiate operates a facility that engages in cutting-edge research and provides free medical treatments to those who seek it out. While able to heal injuries and alleviate the symptoms of illnesses, patients are frequently upset to learn that the regeneration of lost appendages, or the outright cure of a disease are commonly beyond the healers’ ability.

Religious Institutions

The majority and largest of the houses of worship for the gods can be found in the Miracle Row district. Most gods worshipped widely in Kardiam, and a few who aren’t, have some sort of presence in the capital.

Military Presence

A military force of 1600 soldiers are permanently garrisoned in Alnaz, and their duties nominally include manning the walls and gates of the city and investigating offenses that occurred outside the city limits. They are a separate entity from the City Watch, and their duties and jurisdictions generally do not overlap.


There are several distinct neighbourhoods and districts found within Alnaz.

Magnus Estate/Kingsground, which boasts Magnus Palace, the official residence of the King and the royal family. The estate contains the Kingswood which is stocked with game and wildlife. Poaching is strictly forbidden.

Mage Guild, this walled area contains housing for apprentice mages, the Great Library of Alnaz, magic shops, Alnaz Hospital, the Contract Office and the forty-five permanent teleportation Gates that ensures that Alnaz remains the centre of the civilized world.

Magic Quarter, located outside the walls of the Mage Guild proper, is a mix of commercial and residential buildings. This area is rife with magical item shops, alchemy laboratories, and provides housing to a large number of mages who have completed their apprenticeship. It is even possible to find non-Mage Guild shops operating in this district, providing an alternative to the magical monopoly.

Dockside, generally referring to the south-western coast of Alnaz, encompasses the docks, naval facilities and associated businesses that deal with the trade that involves the open water. Beyond the main streets, Dockside is not known for being a safe or well-patrolled area. While some individuals call any area of Alnaz directly adjacent to the water Dockside, most would argue that this is the improper way to refer to it.

The Kennels, is a mostly residential area, and is one of the undisputed slums of the city. Possessing the greatest racial diversity in the city, many non-human species make their home here, finding themselves unwelcome in other districts. Rife with crime and overrun with gangs, only the main streets are patrolled with any regularity, and even then only during daylight hours.

Westwind Heights, found to the west of Magnus Estate, is home to the residences of nobility when they are visiting court, or possibly even year-round. This area is heavily patrolled by the city guard, and is considered the safest place in the city outside of Magnus Palace itself.

Kipper Bay, found to the east of Magnus Estate, is another high-income area, but is populated almost exclusively by the successful mercantile class. While some individual’s wealth exceeds that of the nobles found in Westwind Heights, they would find themselves unwelcome in that district, having not been born into nobility.

Silverloose Square, refers not only to Silverloose Square proper, the largest open-air market in Alnaz, but the surrounding neighbourhood which is thick with shops and boutiques, catering to both the high and low-born of Alnaz. Fresh foods, equipment, exotic materials, it is said that anything the heart desires can be found in Silverloose Square, if one knows the proper place to look. The Alnaz branch of the Moreta Bank sits directly facing Silverloose Square, and the city guard maintains a strong presence, on the lookout for pickpockets and thieves.

Little Vener, a culturally-insulated district which is home to a number of refugees (and their descendants) from the country of Vener. This area is a mix of commercial and residential buildings, whose inhabitants generally have mid-to-low income. Crime is mid-to-high in this area.

The Warrens, also known as the Radana Medina, is a mostly residential slum, found north of Magnus Estate. The winding and narrow roads are inhospitable to travel by wagon or carriage. It’s easy to get lost in the Warrens, and more than a few who wander in unintentionally never make it out again.

Beadledom, which is rarely called by its official name, the Civic Ward, is home not only to a number of municipal buildings, but also to the more reputable Guild Halls of the city. The infamous prison, Greygate Keep, is located in this district.

Ludere Town, a culturally-insulated district which is home to a number of immigrants (and their descendants) from the country of Ludere. This area is a mix of commercial and residential buildings, whose inhabitants generally have mid-to-high income. Crime is mid-to-low in this area.

Patron’s Ward, found directly south of Westwind Heights, this area of this city is generally seen as its cultural heart. Artisan shops are plentiful, playhouses are numerous, stages are constructed on most street-corners, and no tavern would be caught without a minstrel of some sort performing over evening drinks. Incomes range considerably for the residents of this district, but by and large crime is kept to reasonable levels through moderate coverage by the city watch.

Miracle Row, while not the only area of the city where one can find buildings dedicated to worship of the various gods, boasts the greatest concentration, and grandest structures. Street-side sermons and proselytizing is common in this district.

Razorbacks, this unpleasant, mostly industrial district is most well known for the numerous slaughterhouses that populate its streets. Due to the intense and overwhelming odour these enterprises produce, this area does not have many residences.

North Bank, the northern-most tip of Alnaz is occupied mostly by warehouses, industrial facilities, and forges. Located so far from the heart of the city, few people choose to live in this district.

The Torch, a lighthouse built on the smaller Leute Isle to the southwest of the island Alnaz. This structure not only serves to guide the vessels of Orst Bay into the safe harbours of Alnaz, but is also viewed as a symbol of Alnaz and her people itself.

Notable People

King Gideon Magnus, who rules over not only Alnaz, but all of Kardiam.

Archmage Padrig Facere, the public representative of the Mage Guild’s presence in Alnaz, and advisor to the throne, bearing the title of First Minister.

Grandmaster Mage Salva Iasthai, head of the Pharmacological Alchemy Department at the Alnaz branch of the Healer’s Collegiate. This elven mage has promised to create a cure for Jim Frog’s Sulcus Lapidesco, free of charge, if he can be brought all of the necessary ingredients and reagents.


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