The Name of the Demon: Part One

In Memoriam


On the 29th November 10,162 A.E. the world of Faran, nay the entire Material Plane, suffered a great loss when the one who had been responsible for dealing the killing blow to such fiends as the murderous, death-worshiping Third Disciple of the Master; the vengeance-seeking, skin-wearing Selkie, a butcher from the ocean depths; and the malicious draconian crony known as Valkyrion, scion of Tyrakulin, was liquefied within the core of a relentless Magma Elemental in a subterranean cavern located to the south-west of the city of Millenforte.

Shear of the Kyeeia Tomai grieves deeply for the loss of his favourite axe, which is survived by its identical partner, bearing the distinct marking of a wolf’s head etched ornately into the metal.

In a cruel twist of fate, the pair of axes had been christened with names mere hours before, the surviving weapon bearing the name “Hurt” and our now-departed hero having been dubbed, ironically, as “Burn”.



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