The Boy, The Bird and the Big Top

- When four Spell stones purported to be charged with Teleport Spells were used by the party Valmeer and Jim Frog were whisked away to a foreign land while both Shear and Colewyn Flint’s stones resulted only in the sound of laughter.
- Shear and Colewyn Flint managed to avoid discovery from Sir Lannet Dunlowe and his squadron of lancers, who are charged with bringing the Brotherhood to justice (for a murder they did not commit!), by joining the Starlight Dreams Travelling Circus.
- Alongside Gelda, the gnomish circus accountant/odd-job-jack, they were tasked with figuring out who had killed Garret Vidal (the former keeper of the circus bestiary) by locking him in the Sand Drake cage.
- Shear and Colewyn managed to be successfully smuggled out of Hestial and into Kardiam.
- Various items and valuables go missing, but questioning the carnies and performers leads to few answers.
- Gelda appears to be framed for the theft of a significant amount of gold when a sack of it is discovered on the roof of her wagon.
- Waking in the night to screams of terror, Shear and Colewyn first notice that both the Salamander and Powrie are missing from their bottles, and that the Powrie bottle had a false bottom, meaning it had had the ability to come and go as it pleased. The Salamander has set fire to a wagon, and inside clowns are trapped by the rising flames. Shear and Colewyn manage to rescue them and defeat the Salamander.
- Suspecting a diversion, Gelda remained on alert at her wagon, and thus was present when her key to the Sand Drake cage was stolen by the Powrie.
- Gelda, Shear and Colewyn Flint arrive just as the Powrie was releasing the Sand Drake from its cage. After a brief struggle they manage to contain the Sand Drake to its cage as well as trap and mortally wound the Powrie.
- It was revealed that the Powrie was in fact being possessed by the entity of the third bottle in the bestiary, which was in fact exactly that it had been purported to be, a developing demon embryo, who referred to himself as ‘Mahrqe’. This demonic minion implied that his master, the Demonic Prince of Discord known as Baelkriez, had purposefully targeted this time and place, because he possessed an interest in the Brotherhood (for reasons yet unknown).
- Shear and Colewyn Flint race to secure the third bottle, only to arrive too late, as the embryo had fulfilled its maturation, sprouted wings, and flown off into the night.
- After bidding farewell to the circus, Shear and Colewyn Flint are confronted by Sir Lannet Dunlowe, who vows to bring them to face the king’s justice if they ever set foot in Hestial again.
- Using Mage Guild Gate Tokens (cutting weeks off of their travel time), gifted to them by the circus ringmaster, Shear and Colewyn Flint travel to Kleistead directly from the city of Balkwold, and meet up with Valmeer and Jim Frog.



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