Bones of the Baron

Colewyn Flint’s report to the Penumbran Society

Day I

Met Edvun Bairain, stuard for Barrin Vilkis. Explaned job: body of elder Barrin was takin, and we was to get it bak and tell him wy.

Elder Barrin was barryd with a arro pendent – pendent missing 2.

Trakd culprits: the Rooig bruthers, nown in the town as no good thugs. Theyd bin hired 2 steel the body. Found body dumpd: brot it bak 2 stuard.

Found bruthers ded. They rose: blak magic at work in Grannit Hollo.

Day 2

Basterd brother of Barrin Vilkis killd.

Trakd man hoo hired Rooigs + killd Basterd brother: Blak Sorserer. Killd him. Returnd pendent.

I trust the Sosiety is happy. Wood like 2 no wy the Sosiety new about problems in Grannit Hollo.

Wayting 4 furthur contact.




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