Birds of a Feather

Squall stood alone on the cliffside, looking over the valley below as the four strangers disappear in to the distance, now so far away that even her formidable eyesight was unable to pick them out against the snowy landscape.

Her thoughts dwell on the Tomai male who was no longer visible. She had been quick to condemn his conduct; living, traveling and working alongside humans…while not forbidden among her people, it was certainly taboo. And yet, if he had not done so, her tribe’s flock would have been decimated by the beasts, starvation all but certain over the coming winter, and bloodshed between her tribe and the people in the valley below inevitable. Her tribe’s philosophy of remaining separate from the outside world had served them well enough for many generations. But perhaps it was not the only way.

Squall stood thinking for a long time.



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