A New Nest

His Majesty, Gideon of the Magnus Dynasty, King of Kardiam, Sovereign Lord of the Koleso Isles, Prime Marshal of the Twelve Realms, Heir Prince in Perpetuity of Orst, Archduke of Ursalt Province, and Warden of Alnaz, bit back yet another yawn as his First Minister, the Archmage Padrig Facere continued to list last season’s summary of tithes collections. The first fiscal session of the month was always the most tedious.

First Minister Facere concluded his list, and glanced expectantly at his king.

“Yes, yes, Padrig, that’s very good. You can tell Minister Wurzel to proceed, I have no further budgetary changes to make for this quarter.” King Magnus leaned forward in his chair, starting to raise himself up. “If there’s nothing else, for today…”

“Actually, your Majesty, there is one more issue.”

Gideon stifled his sigh as he settled back down.

“The event that occurred in The Kennels yesterday, I sent some specialists to investigate. As it turns out the incident was mystical in nature, not magical. It was the work of a nature Goddess, an elven one. The tree is her new temple in Alnaz.”

Gideon raised his eyebrows. “Elven? What did the Immori Ambassador have to say about that?”

“She appeared to be as in the dark about this issue as we were sire, and claims her government has no interest in this new temple.”

“A shame. We could have used an opportunity to help facilitate a better trade agreement with the Elven Empire. Still, we should make sure that the clergy of this new temple are not harassed. A simple action like that may go a long way in building better relations with the elves.”

Archmage Facere paused before responding. “Ah…actually your Majesty, there is no clergy. The temple appears to be occupied by a group of…mercenaries. From what we have been able to determine so far they don’t even appear to be associated with the elves.”

The king drummed his fingers on the arm rest of his chair, thinking. “Unusual. Have someone keep an eye on them. No direct intervention. The last thing we need is to unnecessarily rile up The Kennels district again.” The king rose, and strode towards the door. “Inform me if there are any significant developments.”

“As you command my King” Archmage Facere murmured, to the now empty room.



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