Welcome to Brotherhood


This campaign will be using the GURPS 4th Edition system. The majority of the references made to texts will be to the GURPS Basic Set: Characters, GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns and GURPS Magic. These source books are expensive, but there is no need for you to own them, simply borrow my own copy.

Introduction to the world

This campaign is a Swords & Sorcery setting, with Tech Level 3, and your starting characters will be built with 100-points. If you’d like to read up in the wiki about the world, or the country, or the village you’ll be starting in, simply click on the text in blue as appropriate.

Creating your character

If you’re setting out to create your own GURPS character from scratch, consider the following:

  • DON’T look through the advantages/disadvantages/skills list and pick out what you think looks cool.
  • FORGET what you know about classes from other games systems
  • Using the wiki as a reference, THINK about what sort of person or creature you’d like to be in this campaign.
  • THINK about what would be the most fun to play, not what is most likely to ‘win’.
  • Sketch out your character without reference to point costs and similar distractions.
  • If you build your character and find you don’t have enough points, DON’T just pile on some disadvantages so you have more points to work with. Make your concept for your character an ideal that they are striving for, and regress your character so that they are younger, less experienced, and/or less accomplished yet still have the potential to one day achieve their goals.
  • BALANCE your spending of character points between Attributes, Advantages and Skills.
  • Figure out your BELIEFS, GOALS, INSTINCTS, and WEAKNESSES. These simple concepts will help flesh out your character.
  • CONSULT YOUR GM. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about your character and we can work through it together. I’ll need to check over the final draft it to make sure it’s compatible with the game world (or so I can alter the game world to make room for a character with your particular background) so there is no reason why I can’t also see a rough draft too.

Illegal Builds

  • When choosing advantages for your character, you should NOT choose any Exotic or Supernatural advantages, unless you can see that they have been allowed for a certain race as described by the wiki (i.e. No Jumper, Snatcher, Telekinesis, etc).
  • Players are limited to 50 points worth of disadvantages, but any racial disadvantages do not count towards this limit.
  • NO PSIONICS (Pg. 254) NO TALENTS (Pg. 89)
  • Allies, Dependents, Patrons, Familiars, Contact Group, Contacts and Enemies are not built by you, but are built by the GM. You should allocate points for this advantage/disadvantage and give a brief description of your character’s relationship with them, and the GM will be responsible for building the NPC in question.
  • You may not start above TL 3.
  • Your starting Wealth may range from Dead Broke to Wealthy.
  • Your starting Reputation must be 0.
  • Your starting Status must be 0 (freeman) or -1 (apprentice).
  • If your starting Rank is anything other than 0, you must clear it with the GM.
  • Your starting Attribute scores should be no lower than 7 and no higher than 13.
  • Your starting Magery (if you choose this advantage) cannot be higher than 2. If you choose the One College Only (-40%) limitation for your Magery, you may have up to Magery 3.


I highly suggest using a computer program to build your character, it will do all the math for you, either GURPS Character Sheet and GURPS Character Assistant 4 should fit your needs nicely.


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